More than just building Financial Statements...

SplashGL gives you the ability to streamline your month end reporting, but also does so much more! You get the ability to build, run, refresh, and maintain your financial packages, with the click of a button right from Excel.

We also have some amazing features and functions to help with Account Reconciliations, Bursting your reports out your reports by segments, Distributing your reports to others, running drillable Trial Balance reports quickly and easily and so much more!

Drilldown all the way to the subledger details simply by double-clicking on the balance. Even better, you can create customized drill downs simply by dragging and dropping (no coding needed). SplashGL truly puts the power in the hands of the end user!

Beyond Financial Statements | SplashGL 1
Beyond Financial Statements | SplashGL 2

Trial Balance

Utilize our built-in Trial Balance tool to easily get a live, drillable trial balance report without having to export to Excel and then sue text-to-column, only to end up with a static report.

Beyond Financial Statements | SplashGL 3
Beyond Financial Statements | SplashGL 4

Advanced Drilldowns

Drill down to ALL Details from a GL Balance. At any Segment Value, Parent or Child, or combination of segments, SplashGL allows drilldowns to Balance Details, Journals Details, Subledger Details and Transaction Details. You can also customize your drill downs and create multiple drill layouts that you can share with your fellow users.

We also provide research tools like Balance Inquiry, Journal Inquiry and Trial Balance Report, just to name a few

Drilldown :-
Drill from Balance down to Subledger detail simply by double clicking on a balance.
Balance Inquiry :-
Easily get balances (PTD and YTD) for any segment combination with drill capability.
Trial Balance Report :-
Quickly run a trial balance report right in Excel, no need to export and format.

Convert FSGs

Easily convert your FSG Reports into SplashGL templates. SplashGL performs the conversion for you and makes it an easy, stress-free experience! You end up with a live report that allows you to drill down into the details without ever leaving Excel!

Beyond Financial Statements | SplashGL 5
Beyond Financial Statements | SplashGL 6

Additional Features

Excel Front End

Stay in Excel from start to finish,
eliminating the need for exporting and formatting.

Burst & Distribute

Break your report out by any segment with our Burst feature, then Distribute your reports and financial packages to appropriate team members with SplashGL.

Enhanced Performance

Choose between using Real-Time data, the Cube or Both, allowing for optimal speed and efficiency.

Robust Data Security

Utilizes your existing Oracle Security, Chart of Accounts, Hierarchies, Roles, Responsibilities, SSO, or AD Synchronization.

Read Only User

Give Read Only access to users that do not need a full license, allowing for additional cost savings.

One Button Refresh

Refresh entire Excel workbooks with just the click of a button.