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Oracle Cloud Applications:
Struggling with cross-subject area OTBI reporting?

About this webinar…

Several business leaders across the industry face significant headwinds almost on a daily basis to produce reports across OTBI subject areas. As enterprises mature and evolve over time, the organizational data finds itself distributed across several business functions such as Payables, Receivables, Payroll, Fixed Assets, Purchasing and may be even more. Due to this very characteristic of Oracle Cloud Applications, sooner or later, most business leaders start looking for options that will streamline reporting across all these business functions (subject areas).

Join us on this webinar to learn how we can approach this challenge using modern and scalable technology. We will cover following topics:

  • GL Journals to AP Payments
  • Payroll to GL Reconciliation
  • Schedule these reports on pre-determined time
  • Export them to Excel for ad-hoc slicing

"SplashBI has not only allowed us to utilize data from other sources, but look at our data in a more analytical way."

Claire ReeveApplication Manager